Visitor Stories

Sarah Armstead – Eureka! Enabler

"I am lucky to have visited as a wide-eyed child, staff member and now a parent too."

Sarah Armstead

I first visited Eureka! in my childhood a couple of years after it opened in the early 1990's and distinctly remember crossing through the magic corridor to end up in a room with loads of dressing up clothes! But much to my annoyance my mum dragged me away before I had chance to put anything on as it was time for lunch. Grr!
All was not lost though as I was absolutely thrilled to eat my lunch on a train! (Obviously to a child this is living the dream, to an adult more like a necessary/slightly annoying part of train commuting.)
Now I am proud to work in such a happy and playful environment with a diverse bunch of talented folk!
Every day is different and I love engaging with all visitors - young and old; delivering school workshops and special events; and strangely enough, I even quite enjoy tidying our pretend supermarket!
My own children also love trips to "My-reka!" as my now 3 year old calls it. So I am lucky enough to have experienced the museum from the standpoint of wide eyed child, staff member and now a parent too.