Visitor Stories

Carly Surrall – Eureka! Exhibition Designer

"Eureka! forms some of my best childhood memories."

Carly at 5

Eureka! forms some of my best childhood memories – alongside camping trips, tree swings and swimming in lakes.
We didn’t have much money when I was growing up so visits to Eureka! were rare – and therefore extra special. I was over the moon when I was announced the winner of an art competition at school; my prize was tickets to Eureka!
As I got into my teens I still managed to visit Eureka! – taking my little brother with me. Then when he became too old, I had a child of my own. The only reason I decided to have a child was so that I could keep coming to Eureka!
It dawned on me that when my son grew to be a teenager, I wouldn’t be able to get into Eureka! - I needed to do something quickly. A job! If I got a job at Eureka! no one would deny me access. So that’s what I did.