Maddie Moate

YouTuber & TV Presenter


"Every child likes asking questions and everybody likes to play, and that's exactly what places like Eureka! do - they give children the opportunity to have a positive experience with learning."

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You probably know Maddie from her CBeebies series, ‘Do You Know?’ where she explores how everyday objects work and are made.

Maddie is also an “Edu-tuber”. She has been hosting educational online content for the past 5 years and has amassed over 18 million views on her YouTube films across multiple science and technology channels. Like her TV show, Maddie uses her own YouTube channel to inspire her audience to “Stay Curious!”. Be sure to check out her ‘8 Planets, 8 Experiments, 8 Minutes’ vlog which she filmed at Eureka! with our Enablers.

As if that weren’t enough, Maddie is also the host of the BBC Digital Studios’ YouTube channel ‘Earth Unplugged’.

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